Ikea have joined the world of connected objects with their collection of furniture with integrated wireless chargers

Ikea the Swedish furniture giant has again shown that’s anything is possible with their new range of furniture which has integrated wireless chargers. First shown at MWC the collection is now available for purchase in stores.

The units are designed to make life simple so you can charge your phone, tablet, or device from anywhere within your home. The collection has been designed to do away with messy cables, plug sockets the eternal hunt for chargers whilst blending into your surroundings.

The simplicity of it means that to charge your device all you need to do is place the phone on the plus sign.

How it works

The chargers rely on QI technology. Many smartphones support the wireless charging standard (Qi) But sometimes the option needs to be activated in the phone’s settings. If your phone is not equipped with the option you simply need a cover to make them work. VITAHULT charging covers are available for purchase the IKEA stores.

The collection

Built in chargers

Certain items such as lamps and side tables have the chargers built into them.  They are designed to (keep their original functions, integrate the new function of a wireless charger and blend into their surroundings.

Charging pads, units

The charging pads are designed for the practicality and can be placed anywhere: on a shelf, in the windowsill, on a worktop.

Or made to suit your home

The JYSSEN wireless charger can be built into furniture, letting you create a completely personalized charger.

The new collection of wireless chargers are available for purchase in store.