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In a nutshell

Codalis is an ethic and sustainable IT company, specialised in infrastructure, cloud and mobility solutions.

Founded in 2001 by Cédric Juillerat and based in Geneva, Codalis assists SMEs and large companies in their technological transformation by providing useful, efficient and evolutive solutions.






Driven by the future and the common good, Codalis places humankind and the environment at the centre of its mission. Codalis evaluates its performance based on to the personal and professional self-development of its employees, the sustainability of relationships established with its customers and partners, and its impact on the environment.


Photo credit 2016 ©Nicolas Schopfer
Our Values
  • Nos valeurs 1

    Keep learning
    We realise the importance of learning and we are constantly training our employees to improve their skills, the service we provide and to keep up to date with technology.

  • Nos valeurs 2

    Build and develop the team
    We realise that our team is the foundations of our business, we strive to develop talent from within and build great relationships.

  • Nos valeurs 3

    Love change
    We are ready to change as technology changes. Ready to accompany our clients as technology and their business evolves.

  • Nos valeurs 4

    Help our clients and their users
    We are above all a service company committed to providing the best experience and the best solutions to our customers.

  • Nos valeurs 5

    Have fun
    We like what we do. And it is important for us to have a fun environment to work in.