<b>Mobile fleet management with Airwatch by VMware</b>

Mobile fleet management with Airwatch by VMware

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In 2010, Codalis became the first AirWatch Partner for “Suisse Romande” the French speaking part of Switzerland. We have since completed numerous projects with on-site, cloud and hybrid deployments. Codalis has the largest customer base for AirWatch installations, and the largest number of deployed devices. Our customers being of all sizes and active in various sectors (such as banking, international organisations, trading, industry, luxury etc.)

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The AirWatch solution is designed to help companies manage their mobility with complete simplicity. AirWatch is built around the following themes:

Mobile Security:

Device, application and content security are at the heart of the solution AirWatch

  • Limit enrolment to approved devices by platform and device type
  • Use multi-factor authentication
  • Configure restrictions for devices
  • Completely or partially wipe data remotely from device
  • Protect and secure public and private apps.
  • Encrypts corporate sensitive data
  • Recognition of internal and external PKI certificates
  • Manage access rights to company resources
  • Verify that the device is compliant before granting access to corporate email
  • Prevent unknown devices from connecting to corporate networks
  • The AirWatch compliance engine continuously monitors devices and performs escalating actions to prevent noncompliance.

Mobile device management:

The solution AirWatch Mobile Device Management provides tools for companies to:

  • Manage a fleet of mobiles in your organisation and extend security policies to large scale device deployments
  • The most complete administrative console on the market : Comprehensive & intuitive
  • Enrol devices easily, authenticate with appropriate restrictions
  • Assign profiles based on mobile, group, or property owner
  • Update devices which are on the company console
  • Secure mobile access to company resources
  • Lock and erase data from Smartphones
  • Automate deployment processes
  • Facilitate user support requests, providing access to information on the device status
  • Offers a self-service portal for users
  • Generate reports

Mobile Application Management:

The AirWatch application management solution enables IT to:

  • Manage the lifecycle of internal, purchased or public applications
  • Purchase applications / integration with the Apple VPP program
  • Develop and wrap applications with the Software Development Kit (SDK) and the wrapping application from AirWatch
  • Distribute applications automatically or upon request, and manage upgrades
  • Adapt your application strategy by user group or role
  • Protect applications with device or application-level policies
  • Application containerization
  • Whitelist / blacklist
  • Administrative control and monitoring (inventory, versions, number of deployments etc.)
  • Make applications available on demand in the AirWatch App catalogue
  • Give users the ability to rate and comment on the applications
  • Event logging, analysis and reporting

Mobile Email Management

The AirWatch e-mail management solution provides complete security for enterprise messaging infrastructures:

  • Email Platform integration with MS Exchange 2007/2010/2013, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Office 365/BPOS and Google Apps infrastructures.
  • Restrict email access to authorised terminals only
  • automatically configure access codes to each user
  • Enforce email attachment security by requiring attachments to open in an approved application, such as the AirWatch Content Locker
  • AirWatch inbox – secure containerized email providing complete separation of enterprise and personal data.
  • Monitor email activity 24/7/365
  • Configure advanced data loss prevention restrictions to ensure email security.

Mobile Content Management:

  • Create a secure corporate container to access and edit documents
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Encrypt content in transit, whilst in use or inactive using an encryption compatible with FIPS 140-2 and AES 256 bits
  • Integration with SharePoint and other file servers
  • Send files via a secure connection.
  • Define roles and authorized sharing capabilities (owner, editor, or read only)

Demo AirWatch

<p><em>“Sign up here for a  free AirWatch by VMware demo”</em></p>

“Sign up here for a  free AirWatch by VMware demo”