Together we move

Progress, respect and cooperation

The success of Codalis is based on these values, shared by all employees. More than just computer scientists, we are first and foremost passionate employees of our respective professions, with a strong team spirit.


Training and experience

Whether you are an expert or in the process of becoming one, Codalis values your journey and your potential first and foremost. Here, all of us have the chance to develop our potential through training, the right to initiative and error.

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Our advantages

Training and certifications



Innovation lab



Flexibility and remote

Paternity leave



Corporate activities



Electric bike

Sport activities



Games room



Table football

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A modern company

Codalis is a company that knows how to live with its time. From our processes to our governance model, we are part of a dynamic of change.

Our practices invite personal and professional growth. Each of us has, in addition to their expertise, a number of talents. Each of these talents can then express themselves within Codalis through transversal projects or personal initiatives.

In addition, at Codalis, “hierarchy” is a taboo word. Through listening and cooperation, our governance model – rooted in holacracy – allows Codalis to develop on the basis of collective intelligence. Ideas emerge, circles are set up and projects are implemented.

Finally, to stay up to date, both from a technological and organisational point of view, we have an innovation lab, within which each employee brings their ideas, the fruit of their technological watch and contributes to the emergence of new offers, methods, processes and work tools.

So? Convinced?

Why us?

Because we are geeks

Because we like to share good times

Because we have our rituals

Because we give meaning to our work

Because we love to travel

Because we like to engage

Discover our job offers

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