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Case Studies

l’Oréal Switzerland– Global cosmetic leader


ELOREAL LOGO_SUIS_CORPOstablished in Switzerland since 1942, l’Oréal Switzerland is a subsidiary of l’Oréal the world’s largest cosmetics group. L’Oréal is present in 130 countries, employs 78’600 employees and has a portfolio of 32 complementary international brands to meet all beauty needs.


Main challenges faced by client:

  • Having a mobility expert partner based locally (infrastructure being pooled for the group).
  • Ensure a smooth transition to the new operator and new mobile devices.
  • Offer a tailored service for configuration and deployment of devices.
  • Ensure quality support to end users after the deployment phase.
  • Integrate the new features into mobility field.

Solutions implemented :

Migration of BlackBerry fleet to iOS

To simplify as much as possible the transition between these two radically different mobile universes, Codalis’ deployment team is responsible for providing a ready to use device to each user. On this basis, our team set up around 400 iPhones in a short period of time following a setup procedure which has been defined to suit l’Oréal’s needs.

Advantages of this deployment:

  • Déployment reliability : All devices are tested by Codalis.
  • Ready to use terminals : The user receives a pre-set up device with a customised user manual.
  • Point by point validation for all configurations made: customisation of devices, add professional data (email, contacts, VPN,…),…
  • A fixed deployment cost with guaranteed results without additional costs

Smartphone configuration

The obective is to provide users with a ready to use smartphone. To do this we go through the following:

  • Unpacking and switch on device
  • Update OS,
  • Create Apple ID account,
  • Add users onto the MDM AirWatch platform
  • Insert SIM card and creation of an inventory list
  • Installation and registration of the MDM application,
  • Retrieve security policies
  • Set up email accounts and VPN
  • Device customisation installation and application configuration),
  • ….

 Project carried out by Codalis

The project was carried out by engineers from Codalis and a team of technicians in collaboration with the client and a third party provider, the operator Sunrise:

  • A team dedicated to configuration of smartphones (Over 5000 smartphones configured per year)
  • A configuration procedure created by the engineers and validated point by point by the customer
  • Configuration and delivery of the devices within a month.

Results / Benefits

  • A migration carried out in the time laid out for the change of operator (within one month)
  • Ready to use devices delivered with customised user manual

“I relied on Codalis’s skills for a large project (the deployment of over 400 iPhones). This project was a complete success.” Phillipe Cattin, I.T Manager, l’Oreal