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Case Studies


Fondation des Parkings

Mobile fleet management: the most up-to-date solution for the parking control agents



In order to modernize the equipment of its parking control agents, Fondation des Parkings asked Codalis to set up a mobile fleet management solution. Fondation des Parkings, inscribed in the Commercial Register, is a public law foundation created by the State of Geneva in 1969. Its purpose is to encourage, build, operate and manage car parks. From the creation of places to the management of macaroons and parking meters, Fondation des Parkings ensures to respond to consumer’s evolving habits and to integrate new technologies.


To ensure their activities on the ground, the 85 agents of Fondation des Parkings use a domain-specific mobile application. As part of its update, Codalis was asked to deploy a new fleet of mobile phones and a management system.

To ensure optimum service to the users, the upgrade of this business application should coincide with the delivery of the new fleet of smartphones and a powerful management system.


Key Client’s Issues

The deployment of a new mobile fleet in collaboration with Codalis was designed to respond to business and organizational objectives, respectively.

On the one hand, it was a matter of providing the parking control agents with turnkey terminals giving them access to their:

  • Business applications
  • E-mails
  • Internal resources (intranet, work forms).

On the other hand, the aim was to equip Fondation des Parkings with an optimal management tool for its mobile fleet and quality maintenance services:

  • Fleet management through reliable inventory
  • Securing the data made available via the terminals
  • Simplification of new terminal configuration and update processes
  • Easy access to the help desk in case of incident or question.

Fondation des Parkings also wanted to be advised and accompanied in the exploration of new needs and technologies related to mobility.


Proposed Solutions

From the audit to the delivery of the phones, Codalis has been able to provide a tailor-made response to each phase of the project. In addition to precise specifications, the close relationship between Codalis and the other players – notably Samsung and Sunrise – was a decisive factor in the success of the project.

A powerful tool for enterprise fleet management

To meet the business and organizational needs of Fondation des Parkings, Codalis advocated the AirWatch solution from VMware, the world leader in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

The AirWatch platform offers all the necessary functionalities:

  • Phones lifecycle management (adding, deleting, replacing, blocking, etc.)
  • Implementation of a vulnerability policy that detects any anomaly (jailbreaking, obsolete version of the operating system, etc.)
  • Definition of access rights to the management platform and track usage history.

The employees empowered to administer the AirWatch platform have been trained to be autonomous and to train the agents to use their terminals.

Configuration and delivery of 102 terminals

Based on its experience in deploying mobile fleets, Codalis has been able to provide its vision and advice to establish a standard configuration procedure that meets the client’s specifications. It consisted of three steps:

  • Inventory and commissioning of the devices, including management of SIM cards with Sunrise
  • Custom configuration
  • Tests.

The implementation of this procedure made it possible to deliver the 102 phones within the timeframe required by Fondation des Parkings.

Implementation of a support and maintenance service

In order to ensure a proper functioning of the AirWatch platform and the terminals, Codalis has set up a personalized support and maintenance service.

Depending on the urgency and criticality of an incident, Codalis provides a response by phone or e-mail, but also by providing on-site resource. These interventions can take place outside the working hours of the parking control agents in order not to impact their activities.

At any time, the administrators of the platform can consult the interventions, the solutions implemented or the processing times, thanks to an online ticketing tool.

Results And Benefits

Codalis was able to deliver the fleet management platform and the 102 terminals within one month and the budget set by Fondation des Parkings.


Administrators’ benefits

  • Reliable inventory of the fleet
  • Remote fleet management through the AirWatch administration platform
  • Additional resources and agility through the mobilization of external expertise
  • Quality help desk and on-line incidents management tool


End users’ benefits

  • Optimized access to the internal resources and business tools
  • Turnkey mobile, ready for use
  • Continuity of service ensured through a seamless coordination of the project.

The experience with Codalis’ team of specialists as a prelude, and then during the migration to Android of our fleet of devices dedicated to the control of parking in public roads, was very rich.


We have benefited from a lot of attention and a high-performance and flawless reactivity throughout the project.


Moreover, we are very satisfied to see this professionalism last in time, even after deploying our machines.


Olivier Lugrin, Head of the System Department of the Parking Service, Fondation des Parkings.