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Case Studies

Brunschwig & Cie – Switzerland’s largest luxury group


The first store Bongénie was established in 1891 by Adolphe Brunschwig, the Bongénie chain bon-genie_01is the largest luxury group in Switzerland. Today the group Bongénie Greinder -Brunschwig has over 800 employees and demonstrates its know-how across 25 stores in Switzerland.

Principal challenges faced by client :


Initially Brunschwig used IBM Lotus Notes but considered the full outsourcing of its email system. The customer wanted to migrate to a modern email solution. Several solutions were put forward: Gmail, Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange Server. The solution had to be hosted.

Technical requirements expressed by client:

  • Evolution to a system compatible with the existing LDAP architecture
  • Recovery of all Lotus Domino data
  • Simplified architecture
  • Better spam management
  • Deployment of a webmail solution
  • Smartphone management solution (MDM) in SaaS mode

Needs expressed from a management point of view:

  • New system needs to support new and recent functionalites and future mobility functionalities
  • Active participation of in house IT team
  • Ready to use solution with a fixed monthly cost

As part of this project, Codalis conducted an operational and economic audit putting forward the solution which best suits the client’s needs.

Solutions implemented:


To meet the different needs outlined by the client, MS Exchange was  the solution chosen with BlackBerry 10.

Principles of the solution

  • Solution based on Microsoft Exchange 2013 and BlackBerry 10
  • Outlook client for around 100 strategic users and Webmail client for approximately 200 users
  • Hosting and complete server management under a service level agreement (SLA) with guaranteed availability
  • MS Windows and MS Exchange licence rental
  • Reverse proxy on shared platform
  • MDM solution on SaaS mode
  • MPLS connection between Brunschwig’s main site and the hosting datacentre
  • New solution for spam relay / anti-virus with customised filters
  • Ability to manage all types of smartphones and tablets (BB10, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8).
  • BYOD: Integration and securing personal devices
  • Full administration and Level 1 & 2 support provided by Codalis for email and MDM platforms

schema exchange

Project led by Codalis

The project was carried out by engineers Codalis in collaboration with the customer’s technical team and in parallel with the change of smartphones project.

The project was implemented in the following phases :

  • Creation of the migration plan
  • Installation of a server and MPLS infrastrucutre in Codalis’s Datacentre parallel with the existing infrastructure
  • Creation of migration procedures and training plan
  • Pilot validation
  • Migration of existing email data
  • Migration and user training on new Smartphones
  • User training on the new email platform
  • Start-up support
  • Decommissioning of the old Lotus and BlackBerry infrastructures

Managing and Maintaining MS Exchange platform

Complete server management (monitoring, updates, maintenance, backup, incidents ..) with monthly activity reports (users and resources)

Administration and user support

This phase consists of :

  • Creation and deletion of BALs
  • Configuration of shared drives
  • Support / User training
  • User support

Management and administration of the platform MDM

  • Implement a complete platform in SaaS mode
  • Monthly activity reports (users & MDM)
  • Communication on the flaws in security and identification of non-compliant devices

Administration of smartphones and user support :

  • User standards (BYOD)
  • Inscription of terminals on the MDM console
  • Synchronisating email profiles (mail, contacts, calendrier)
  • Incident support linked to professional use.

Results / Benefits

The customer benefits from a ready to use infrastructure. secure and reliable (garanteed by SLA ehosted in Switzerland) with the standard market solution.

The solution is scalable according to customer needs and the customer can control their IT infrastructure costs. In addition, the customer benefits of a fully managed service, supported by the provider including the commissioning of new users and their smartphones.

An aging Lotus Notes email service which no longer meets company expectations in terms of availability, limited internal skills and greater mobility needs.These are the main reasons that brought about the desire to modernize our messaging.
Amongst the many existing solutions, which most corresponds to our requirements and expectations?
How to make the right choice when this is not the core of our profession?
During the audit conducted by the team from Codalis, the solutions Zimbra, Gmail and Exchange were compared and we favored the technology based on Exchange. We decided on the full outsourcing of email.
Once the selection was made, implementation with a recovery of the existing data is never a trivial operation.
The competence of the team drung the preparation stages meant that the projet started on time.
The migration took place without incident
Codalis’ team were able to team up perfectly with Brunschwig’s to ensure proper operation and to avoid disruptions.