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Backup / Restore Solution (EMC Avamar) for the SODI Platforms

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Backup / Restore Solution (EMC Avamar) for the SODI Platforms

Sodi Platforms : Asset Management


les plateformes

The members of the Sodi Platforms are independent asset managers who develop their businesses as part of a true federation. Founded in Geneva in 1996, the Sodi Platforms are built on a unique model in Switzerland. Managed by two partners, Pierre Retord and Maurice Levy, they provide their company members support with a wide range of services.

Main challenges for client:

  • Reduce costs related to data storage with a target volume of 4.7 TB with an evolution of 20% per year
  • A rapid daily backup solution
  • Subject to regulatory FINMA standards (audibility, certifications, data stored in Switzerland)
  • Specific needs in security and confidentiality, availability, and performancee
  • Data stored in Switzerland


Solutions implemented:

Backup solution

To meet the needs of Sodi platforms, Codalis advised the follwing architecture:

  • An Infrastructure based on Avamar 7.0
  • A deduplication solution with a compression ratio of 50 to 90%
  • A backup onto disk (anticipating changes in volume)
  • A support for the market’s virtualisation platforms
  • Granularity for file restoration
  • Extraction of all possible data from a client onto a media source on demand
  • Restoration of Microsoft Exchange (GRT) objects
  • An agent available for database solutions
  • A solution hosted in our highy secure datacentre
  • Access via a synchronous link dedicated 100 Mb/s
  • A disaster recovery plan in case of a major disaster in the primary datacentre

The project was carried out by an engineer from Codalis:

  • Backup systems and customer data
  • Mail backup in GRT mode
  • Data deduplication outside the production site
  • Retention for 30 days
  • Individual backup by client



Management and maintenance
Administration and non-stop monitoring 24/24, maintenance guaranteed for 3 years and a weekly report provided to the customer

Results / Benefits

Avamar uses the available storage effectively, offering the benefits of long-term retention and disk restoration, while significantly reducing capital and operating expenses related in particular to the floor space, power and air conditioning.

The Avamar solution is a scalable solution that allows a linear increase in performance and storage by simply adding storage nodes.

Administration and complete monitoring 24/24, maintenance guaranteed for 3 years and a weekly report provided to the customer

For additional security, backups are hosted in Switzerland in a secure data centre

We chose Avamar solution because it is one of the only solutions that handles deduplication. If the same file exists on multiple servers, it is only backed up once which saves space, Eric Grillère,  Memebe rof management and IT director,  Sodi Platforms