Codalis is the Kineti Partner for Switzerland

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Codalis is the Kineti Partner for Switzerland

Codalis became the representative of Kineti for Switzerland. Kineti manufactures touch screen technology units.

In partnership with Kineti we propose a comprehensive business solution that includes: furniture, software tailored to your business, the accompanying procedures for the use of these products and the maintenance. A mix of advice, technological innovation and support.

The Touch Screen Range

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The Kineti table

The ideal solution for your business. For an infinite number of applications:

  • Communication, showroom, exhibition, magasin
  • Real Estate Agency, property developer
  • Museum, scenography
  • Orientation
  • Collaborative meeting, engineering and design offices, architect offices
  • Cafés, hôtels, restaurants
  • Tourism, leisure centres
  • School, town hall, local and county Council, public services


Table properties

The table is a revolutionary and original high impact solution for presenting your projects. For your exhibition fairs, your showrooms and your waiting rooms.

  • Robust : A range of units designed to face the public and are therfore robust with a shatterproof and waterproof touchpad.
  • Collaborative : It allows up to 42 tactile touches instantaneously, so 3 times more than an iPad. Everyone going faster and so does your business.
  • Intuitive : Easy to use. Kineti technology must adapt to people and not the other way round.
  • Design : It’s sleek, original and minimal design, gives an undeniable touch of modernity to your own environment.
  • Connects to the world : It can be connected to other tables or devices anywhere. Working together remotely has never been so easy.
  • Evolving : It embeds software tailored to your business.

A value-added solution for real estate agencies

The concept : offers a disruptive technology solution to real estate agents with high added value to support their issues:

  • Makes people come back : Buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants have and / or initiate a business meeting with them, the real estate agent of tomorrow does not need to be web.
  • Improves the estate agent’s image, clarifies its role with users and simplifies the contact during the first meeting.
  • Improves profitability by increasing productivity and decreasing communication efforts.
  • Provides a differentiation element from the competition and those who are not visionaries, who do not have the means to buy the solution or are not willing to make the effort to be the agency of the future.

The solution : With the help of our tactile table and a 360° table, the dealer offers total immersion to their customers, without the need to travel anywhere outside the agency . The software developed by Kineti defines the needs of the future owners , compare the different properties and allows them to visit them without waiting , thereby allowing them to sort through the properties before the actual visit.

An innovative technology in line with the times:

  • Prêsents all an agency’s properties or network in a more entertaining, modern and practical way
  • Provides an immediate access to properties via a 360×360° visit, allowing the viewer to visit up to 60 properties from top to bottom in an hour without leaving the agency
  • Geolocalise the properties instantaneously.
  • Give all viewers a better overview of the market and the reality of prices for more transparency.

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