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In association with the Myclimate foundation, Codalis has become a climatically neutral company that compensates all of its CO2 emissions and gas. Myclimate offset our emissions via a project of biogas plants in Karnataka, India.

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The overall objective of the Programme of Activities ( PoA) is installation of domestic biodigesters that represent clean and sustainable energy sources for India. Biogas generated from cattle manure replaces fuels used for domestic energy needs , such as wood , kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas.

More than 1,500 biogas digesters were installed and made ​​available to families during the first year of this program.

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The desire to reduce and offset its emissions in a climate protection project is part of Codalis fundamentals. Through this association, Codalis reinforces its commitment to sustainable development policy. The companies that host their infrastructure with Codalis can therefore be sure that CO2 emissions are compensated.