<b>Cybersecurity awareness</b>

Cybersecurity awareness

Users’ awareness as a major key of your cybersecurity

Malware, computer virus, espionage, phishing, ransomware… Companies are the target of various cyber-attacks, jeopardising their data and activities. The vast majority of these intrusions is related to the enduser’s behaviour.

To protect the information system of its customers, Codalis implements strong technical solutions to secure THE IT infrastructures as well as the workstations.

In addition, Codalis provides an e-learning service to raise the endusers awareness and teach them the best practices.

Towards the end of risk behaviours

Each workstation represents a risk of infiltration, hence, all the employees are involved in the cybersecurity of their company. Awareness of the information security is crucial.

The rapid evolution of hacking and IT espionage techniques requires a continuous training of users to limit risk behaviours, such as:

  • Download an infected attachment
  • Answer a phishing mail
  • Use simple passwords, etc.

An educational solution

Codalis offers to its customers an efficient e-learning service allowing users to learn good practices, detect risks and stay aware:

  • Essential and up-to-date contents
  • Tailor-made courses on various topics related to cybersecurity
  • Interactive and challenging courses, from a few minutes to several hours depending on the needs
  • Ergonomic and ludic platform
  • Reporting of key indicators

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A wide range of topics

The e-learning platform offers a wide range of cybersecurity related topics. It is possible to customise the training plan according to the endusers’ roles and needs. From 5 minutes of lessons to several hours, each one will find the adapted contents:

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Passwords
  • Email
  • Malware
  • Identity theft
  • Information life cycle
  • Information classification
  • Intellectual property
  • Privacy
  • Payment card data
  • The clean desk principles
  • Physical security
  • Access control
  • Social Engineering
  • BYOD (The Bring Your Own Device) trend
  • Confidentiality on the web
  • Responsible use of internet
  • Social networks
  • Cloud computing
  • Phishing
  • Personal computers (home computer)
  • Smartphones
  • Mobile users
  • Travelling safely
  • Etc.





  • Nos valeurs 1

    Challenging courses

    - 3D videos
    - Animated narration
    - User-friendly navigation

  • Nos valeurs 2

    Entertaining contents

    - Role plays
    - Quiz
    - Results

  • Nos valeurs 3

    Tailored program

    - Personnalized program
    - Between 5 minutes and several hours
    - More than 37 languages

  • Nos valeurs 4

    Training strategy

    - Identification of the gaps
    - Deployment per groups or individuals
    - Monitoring and reporting

An ergonomic platform

The e-learning platform has been designed to offer a simple and accessible use for trainees as well as administrators. Intuitive features, pleasant visuals and clear benchmarks guarantee a rapid adoption.



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Codalis, your cybersecurity partner

Codalis helps you support a real culture of security, from the audit of your needs to the implementation of technical and pedagogical solutions related to your cybersecurity.


  • Audit of cybersecurity awareness gaps
  • Setting up your customized e-learning plan and platform
  • Administrators training
  • Technical support

To go further, Codalis organises phishing simulations to detect those endusers who need more or personal training.

Other security solutions:

  • IT infrastructure audit
  • Departitioning and networks security
  • Software and hardware security solutions
  • Data backup services

Create a culture of cybersecurity

<p><em>« </em><em>Questions, projects in terms of security? Our IT security experts will be pleased to meet with you. »</em></p>

« Questions, projects in terms of security? Our IT security experts will be pleased to meet with you. »