Data protection

Does your company want to protect personal data in accordance with the regulations in force, such as GDPR and LPD?

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Opportunities to seize

Codalis offers you a complete and pragmatic approach, a real opportunity to benefit from a wide potential of organisational, technical and commercial opportunities.

Increased visibility

  • Mapping data collected by the company
  • Formalisation of employees’ rights and duties regarding processing
  • Review of processes over time

Enhanced security

  • Audit of the information system
  • Implementation of control and traceability measures
  • Employee awareness of cybersecurity

Seamless collaboration

  • Formalisation of consent and data processing conditions
  • Guarantee of the exercise of the rights
  • Upgrading contracts
  • Up-to-date databases

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A team at your side

Codalis has assembled a team of experts to assist you in your compliance project, both technically and legally:

Logo de l'entreprise Fidens - Sécurité des Systèmes d'InformationFidensAs a specialist in IT security, ISO certification and GDPR compliance, FIDENS provides technical analysis and recommendations.

Logo de la société de services informatiques CodalisExpert in design, management and IT security, Codalis, acts as coordinator of the project and implements technical and documentary recommendations.

Our experts advise you

Our data protection specialists
are at your disposal