Building on the huge success  of its predecesor with over 500,000 units sold in December 2014, Google released their new virtual reality headset which will be available for just $4. The new model will be easier to assemble and is compatible with smartphones with larger displays like iPhone 6+.

What is it?

The Cardboard is a small box with integrated lenses,  where you can insert a smartphone and experience the word of virtual reality. The cardboard comes in a kit comprising of cardboard, two lenses, a rubber band, a magnet, a velcro strap and a DIY assembly manual. You can assemble the mask yourself by following the instructions on the back of the cardboard.


A few folds……


Then just download VR applications through your App store or from our website, in order to live the experience of virtual reality.
Google, with its Google Cardboard demonstrated that it was possible to compete with other virtual reality headset manufacturers such as Oculus VR, at a lower cost, and without the need for ultra complex technology.

Codalis with Google Cardboard
We tested Google Cardboard, and we were convinced!!
We customised the Google Cardboard head set with our own design which we offered as Goodies during the event eCom, SITB et SMARC. The headset was a huge success amongst the visitors.


photo Célia

We tested several games and selected a handful of our favourites to put on our website :
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