<b>your business efficiency increased by cloud technologies</b>

your business efficiency increased by cloud technologies

Looking for a cloud solutions provider in Geneva? Codalis is able to design and build your cloud infrastructure around your needs. Codalis has implemented Cloud solutions since they first became available. It is through this experience that we have become a real expert in all cloud solutions.

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« Cloud Computing » solution:

«Cloud Computing» is an infrastructure model that transfers your IT processes, which have traditionally been located on the local servers or on the user’s workstation, onto a remote server . Users (or businesses) no longer manage their computer servers but can access in an evolving manner many online services without having to manage the often complex, underlying infrastructure. All or some of the applications and data are then found in a “cloud” composed of a number of remote interconnected servers.

For over 10 years, we have been managing our customer’s entire infrastructure and we specialize in “Cloud Computing”. We advise you on the architecture that is the most relevant to your needs and to the sound functioning of your infrastructure and applications.

Our solutions can be based on:

  • The rental or hosting of space based in Switzerland;
  • Complete mail solutions with dedicated Smartphone synchronisation or a cloud service such as
    Gmail Pro,
    Microsoft – BPOS,
    Microsoft 365,
    Hosted Exchange Swisscom,
  • Office solutions and document management such as
    Microsoft Office,
    Dropbox …
  • The integration of ERP, CRM, or standard cloud applications

With cloud based solutions you can:

  • access your applications from a desktop workstation, laptop or tablet, from anywhere through a simple Internet connection,
  • have a secure flexible and scalable infrastructure, adapted to technological developments and to your organization,
  • reduce investment and operational costs.

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