Internet of Things : Many things

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Internet of Things : Many things

Connected devices, machine to machine, IOT, … You’ve probably heard of the Internet of Things. Whatever industry you work in, this concept will come to you.

We live in a connected society, as we all know!!! But what we do not necessarily know is to what extent we will be in some time.

Take concrete examples by analyzing the office and the working tools of different trades.



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Looking at these tools, we wonder how we could make these connected devices. Well imagine:

  • These gloves collect the voltage and heat its user to know the periods of job stress or intensive efforts.
  • It hammer and the ax indicate to management the strike rate close to the target and the force used. To do what ? Improve this rate by providing more suitable hammer (material, size) or increase productivity by assigning specific tasks at specific times of the day.


With this equipment, it is easier to imagine what we could make connected (if not already):
• This pair of glasses which takes a photo and your contacts and is directly connected to your CRM tool. (Privacy? We’ll talk about that later).
• A wallet that sends you alerts (through your glasses?) To warn you that you will not have enough money to pay to park where your car is parked.

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too futuristic? Expect to see more
In another article, we will tell you all about Virtual and Augmented Reality. You will see that this technology is not so inaccessible thanks to the new VR headset on the market.