Augmented reality, Are you thinking about it?

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Augmented reality, Are you thinking about it?

“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship, the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth. “
Peter Drucker

What is it exactly?

Augmented reality is an interactive experience, realization and superior immersion in media used in the sales process, training, communication …
Example: the materialization of an apartment and the opportunity to move around inside.

Because it’s innovation

Although it has existed for a number of years, augmented reality could not be democratized. The arrival of tablets and smartphones in our daily lives has changed the situation and their power to make intensive applications. With the development of market leaders and lower prices, the use of this technology within organizations has become possible.

Return on investment

Augmented reality is new, its trendy, but beyond this what are the impacts? Firstly, the immersion into augmented reality has impacts on user behavior at the cognitive, affective and conative level. To maximize this impact, concentrate on usability, usefulness (Make your application a useful imstrument) and on the attractiveness of augmented reality.