<b>We build customised mobile solutions, for organisations wishing to stay connected</b>

We build customised mobile solutions, for organisations wishing to stay connected


We define and implement your mobility strategy

Through a thorough analysis of your existing environment and specificities related to your business, we will define a mobile strategy together (incorporating user experience, applications, management, security).

Audit,  analysis and consulting

The integration of mobile devices into businesses is no longer just a question of technology and security but now has a dimension for all departments concerned (HR, finance, marketing etc.)

These elements should be taken into account when adopting a course of action.

During the audit phase we make a careful analysis of the existing environment (security mesures in place, type of terminals deployed, infrastructure and services, organisation specifics, etc.)

It allows us to make a thorough analysis of your business needs and develop your mobile strategy. During this phase, we let all business departments define the service levels which will be provided to them.

We then advise you in the choice of hardware and software solutions (Solutions EMM applications), adapted to your context.
Finally, we support you in setting up tests (Proof Of Concept) to validate all the features to be included.

We define and implement your mobility strategy
Integrate and administer leading mobile solutions

Integrate and administer leading mobile solutions

Our partnerships with market leaders as well as local actors, guarantee a perfect knowledge of the management and security of mobile solutions.

We implement and administer Mobile Device Management solutions (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions into your infrastructure or in version SaaS.


Our consultants are trained and certified by the editors on the latest software versions.

We implement these solutions into your infrastructure, or  as cloud solutions (full or hybrid cloud).
Our teams have integrated the various solutions into both simple or complex environments, and are also certified in the leading email solutions.

Management and administration of MDM / EMM solutions

We offer a range of solutions to monitor, maintain and manage your mobile infrastructure:

  • Remote server maintenance (log checks, etc)
  • Constant monitoring of your solutions
  • Incident management
  • Updates
  • Administrator support
  • Intervention of specialised consultants on-site.

You can hand over to us, all or part of the daily tasks for the administration of these solutions, such as :

  • Enroling and device activation
  • Make content, applications and management updates available
  • Verification of device conformity and set up of related actions (lock, deletion etc.)
  • Decommissioning
Manage the life cycle of mobile devices

Manage the life cycle of mobile devices

Thanks to strong partnerships with leading operators and manufacturers, Codalis is the only player in Switzerland to offer the complete management of your mobile devices

Our service packages allow you to benefit from our experienced team in many areas.

We provide a “Managed Services” formula, for those wishing to outsource full mobile management, but we also provide customised packages.

  • Terminal and accessories management
    • Acquisition and the repurchase of the mobile fleet
    • Warranty and replacement management
  • Manage the relationship with the operator
    • SIM card management
    • Phone contract management
    • Advice on the different telecom operator packages
  • Customised smartphone and tablet configurations (experience with projects of up to 6000 devices)
    • Set up of an inventory list
    • Unpacking and device set up (language, charging, OS update)
    • Account management such as Apple ID, Google etc.
    • MDM/EMM solution enrolment
    • Terminal configuration (email, wifi, VPN, applications, etc.)
    • Device customisation (background, icons etc.)
  • Deployment
    • Deployment of devices to end users
    • Training and creation of course materials
  • Fleet Management
    • Delegation of specialised resources based on the client’s site

Training, support and assistance for your users

We train and provide support for your IT staff and your end users.

User support

Making sure your users have functional tools, is essential for ensuring productivity. Our technical and support teams, based in Switzerland, ensure your staff a high quality locally based support (access to level 1, level 2 and level 3 support)
We are particularly committed to providing a high quality service to your users which is why:

  • We adapt our telephone support to your business hours and your working language (English, French, German).
  • We use remote access and ticketing tools
  • We send activity reports and set up regular debriefing meetings
  • We intervene immediately in emergency situations.
  • We measure your satisfaction.
  • We train our employees internally to continuously improve their IT and interpersonal skills

Our support packages are customisable


Our consultants are certified on all (EMM / OS etc.) solutions . We also train your administrators / helpdesk and end users.
The courses are tailored to your organisation’s needs and the knowledge level of participants.
We provide training on site or on our premises, in French, English and German.

Training, support and assistance for your users

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<p>” As a Swiss leader in mobility solutions, we provide a unique and tailor made service, accompanying businesses in managing their mobile fleets.”</p>
<p>Olivier, Mobility Manager</p>

” As a Swiss leader in mobility solutions, we provide a unique and tailor made service, accompanying businesses in managing their mobile fleets.”

Olivier, Mobility Manager