My Codalis : The creation of our own mobile application

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My Codalis : The creation of our own mobile application

There was once an idea …. “And what if we were to have our own mobile application at Codalis …”
The idea had been going around in my head for several months … So I threw myself (into this project) and the first step was to find a name for the project: My Codalis! “It’s short, personal and corporate! ” I then had to go and put forward my idea to the management so they could free me up some time!
After validation of the project (by management) and the fact that we like a challenge in Codalis, I was asked to deploy a pilot version on all terminals within a week for a team meeting.

Challenge accepted!

So I got the go ahead for a 5 day project:

Day 1 : Kick off and definition of specifications

Day 2 and 3 : Creation of cross-platform app (compatible with iOS, Android and HTML 5)

Day 4 : Application compilation and first production testing

Day 5 : For a successful launch, what better than a pre-launch  strategy video trailer!

LAUNCH DAY: The first version is ready, certainly simple enough but the Wow factor is definately already there. I decide to deploy the application via our MDM platform while the video trailer was running in the midde of the seance:


After several days of testing, I get the first feeback and see that all employees have adhered to this project.
Today, we are currently on version 4.0, I have two editors (Human Resources and the Support Coordinator) and thanks to the commitment of all employees, My Codalis now allows us to:

– Generate news (HR, call management, Alerts …)
– Read Codalis’ blog and Twitter
– Declare a delay or loss of a badge.
– Geo locate clients based on its position
– Go to internal portals (CRM, HR portal, ServiceNow


Article by Benoit Maillet-Contoz


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