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We support you in setting up a cybersecurity awareness program

We have selected the Terranova solution that combines education and e-learning to optimise training time and efficiency.

Codalis is at your side to advise you on the best training programme and pilot the programme from A to Z. Your employees are sensitised in the long term, you receive complete reports and can therefore understand the risks.

Terranova allows you to create a personalised awareness programme through:

  • Fun and interactive video-audio formats
  • Scalable and modular themes
  • A choice of 40 languages
  • Microlearnings
  • Communication and reinforcement tools
  • Reduce the human risk
  • Increase the level of cybersecurity knowledge
  • Build a culture of safety and sustainable behaviour change
  • Track the success of your safety awareness programme and evaluate the results
  • Develop an internal communication strategy through a range of communication tools
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Test the vulnerability of your employees with our phishing simulation solution!

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