<b>LOOKOUT MOBILE ENDPOINT SECURITY<br>A Cutting-Edge and Predictive Security Solution</b></br>

A Cutting-Edge and Predictive Security Solution


A Predictive Security Solution

to Anticipate and Prevent Mobile Threats


As a Swiss expert in mobility, Codalis commits to provide its clients with the most powerful mobile device management solutions of the market.

With an ever-increasing use of mobile devices and cloud democratization, companies allow their collaborators to work outside the traditional perimeter of the company. Hence, data security is becoming critical.

To offer its clients an overview of the possible threats and tools to protect their systems while focusing on employees’ productivity, Codalis forged a strategic partnership with Lookout, a leader in mobile security, like the world’s leading mobile operators.

Codalis provides its clients with Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, a cutting-edge predictive security solution.


Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

With an increasing number of cyber and mobile threats, it seems relevant to prevent mobile risks. Thanks to the power of its predictive technologies, Lookout can anticipate threats on a global scale.

By capitalizing on big data and machine learning technologies, Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security has a unique predictive capability, based on the knowledge of millions of apps, protecting mobile devices before risks occur.

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    Apps Related Risks

    Application analysis relies on data collected on over 40 million iOS and Android applications. Companies benefit from maximum visibility on a wide range of application risks, such as:
    • Trojan horse and spyware
    • Transfer and data storage vulnerabilities
    • Behavioral abnormalities

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    Network Related Risks

    Lookout also relies on a global network of network sensors. By monitoring these access points, Lookout detects the risks of network traffic interception and of data decryption, such as:
    • Certificate Hijacking
    • SSL Attacks
    • Degradation of TLS protocol

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    Device Related Risks

    Updates gaps make devices vulnerable. Lookout compares the company's devices to a panel of more than 100 million devices in order to identify anomalies and be able to anticipate potential risks such as:
    • Behavioral abnormalities
    • Jailbreak
    • Obsolete operating systems

Proactive Security: powerful functionnalities

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is fed by more than 100 million sensors worldwide. It can provide companies with the means to achieve proactive security: deployed on mobile devices, its real-time dashboard enables users to grasp risks of potential threats.

Online Dashboard

  • Real-time threats notifications
  • Data leakage controle

Apps Analysis before and after deployment

  • Application security level information
  • Public app stores (iOS and Android) check
  • Private app stores (belonging to the company) check

Thorough Knowledge Of Threats

  • Search for all potential threats
  • Global data with weekly uptade

MDM Console Synchronisation

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is integrated with the MDM console, providing a high user experience and the ability to take swift actions.


Compatible MDM Solutions

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is compatible with the main MDM solutions of the market. Expert in mobility, Codalis ensure a successful integration.

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Your Benefits

Codalis provides its clients with a high and predictive level of security as well as a complementary tool to the existing Mobile Device Management solutions:

  • Anticipating and thwarting mobile threats before they occur
  • Maintain compliance and manage data risks
  • Enabling secure BYOD and new mobility initiatives
  • Capitalize on MDM investments thanks to full compatibility
  • Minimize user support requests


Codalis, Your Mobile Partner

With a successful experience in implementing mobile security systems, Codalis supports its clients from end-to-end:

  • Mmobile security strategy definition
  • Impact and feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Implementation Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security
  • Integration with your MDM solution
  • Outsourcing or in-house management of the systems
  • Adminstrators training
  • System maintenance
  • Administrator and user support
They Trust Codalis

Know more about Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

<p>You are willing to secure you mobile fleet and company data? We are at your disposal to provide you with a presentation of Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security and customized advices.</p>

You are willing to secure you mobile fleet and company data? We are at your disposal to provide you with a presentation of Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security and customized advices.