<b>Unified communication with Skype For Business</b>

Unified communication with Skype For Business

Skype For Business voice and communications services


As a Swiss IT infrastructure, cloud and mobility expert, Codalis assists companies in their digital transformation thanks to adapted and innovative solutions.

You wish to optimize the communication and collaboration within your company while reducing your costs? Skype For Business answers your needs:

  • Unified communication solution
  • VoIP communications and telephony
  • Fixed costs optimisation
  • Compatibility and integration with Microsoft environment and Office tools.

Our engineers are certified by Microsoft and are at your disposal to present to you the solution.

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A mature and reliable solution

Skype has long been used for domestic purposes only. With its purchase in 2014 by Microsoft, Skype successfully moved into the professional circle. Supported by a strong R&D, Skype for Business, offers companies the most powerful and integrated communication functionalities.

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The unified communication solution

Skype for business solution covers all the necessary features that a company needs in terms of communication and collaboration.

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    Unified communication
    A unique solution for all the communication and collaboration needs: voice, emails, company directory (Active Directory), presence, chat, audio and video conference, web conference, files sharing and transfer, etc.

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    Complete telephony
    A solution covering all the company’s telephony needs: call, transfer, voice message, calls history, group calls, call pickup, call screening, etc.

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    Even more mobile
    While employees need more flexibility and mobility, Skype For Business meets their requirements with a professional line, available on any device, simultaneously: handset (IP Phone), office software (Softphone), Smartphone (application).

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    Office environment
    Skype For Business is perfectly integrated in Microsoft Office. It provides an event more efficient collaboration: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.

A state-of-the-art workstation

Thanks to an intuitive interface, employees are benefiting from a powerful environment of communication and collaboration. With Skype for business, they can easily:

  • Communicate via video or audio and chat with a unique tool
  • Search for contacts inside the company, make sure of their availability then connect with them
  • Stay mobile by using Skype For Business with any device (computer, phone and tablet)
  • Organize a meeting or a whiteboard at any time in a few clicks
  • Benefit from a rich office experience thanks to the total integration with Microsoft Office environment.


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Optimization of the company’s structure and communication costs

Skype for Business’s solution was created to allow companies improve the quality of the work environment while reducing its costs. By centralizing the telephony and the office tools within the same solution, the costs are significantly reduced:

  • Cut down the phone calls bill thanks to VoIP
    • Free communications whatever the country of emission
  • Optimization of office softwares licences
    • Combined Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 offers
  • Alleviation of structural costs
    • Audio and video virtual meetings up to 250 people
  • Decrease of IT costs
    • A unique service provider for IT and telephony
    • A unique invoice for the whole perimeter

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Codalis, your digital workspace partner

With a successful experience in implementing Skype For Business within companies of diverse sectors and sizes, Codalis supervises its clients from the very start to the end in the transformation of phone infrastructure and office environment.


Our expertise

  • Audit of the company’s needs in terms of telephony, whatever is the size of the company and its localization
  • Conception of a tailor-made phone infrastructure
  • Implementation and integration of the solution
  • Purchase, installation and configuration of the phone devices
  • Administrators’ and users’ training
  • Maintenance and Help Desk

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<p><em>“Should you need a presentation of our solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”</em></p>

“Should you need a presentation of our solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

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