Some criteria for choosing an MDM solution

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Some criteria for choosing an MDM solution

Your needs and user needs

Before you start getting into the technical details it is necessary to focus on the needs of your organisation and your users. How can you make your workforce more mobile? What applications are missing to increase productivity? What do your team need?  What are management’s requirements?

From there, you will obtain the fonctionalities needed.

Your existing fleet

Your fleet is made up of smartphones and/or tablets ? Are there exotic smartphones (Rugged Devices, Symbian or others) ? Do you also wish to manage laptops ?

There are many mobile device management solutions, though not all offer the same management features for all smartphone brands. The best-managed environments are currently iOS and Android (however mainly Samsung smartphones). Although all solutions claim to be compatible with the maximum number of brands and environments, many are limited regarding features on many brands. Choose the solution that allows you to apply the features you need on the maximum number of smartphones.

Trial period

The solution should be available for trial. Consider the possibilities available and the features required.


A simple, attractive and easy interface, is it really a luxury?
A good interface should allow you to compare, explore and solve problems (and not create them). These interfaces remain dashboards, choose the interface which seems the most logic. Here you will gain training time. Finally do not neglect ergonomics (a simple, well organised inteface which goes straight to the point) and design (Readability! One wrong click and you can wipe a VIP’s device, and that would be a shame …).

Your security issues

What are your challenge regarding security? Do you need to control how data is used or restrict user access? Find the right balance between security and user experience.

Not all MDM solutions manage security in the same way. Some focus on data, others on the smartphone itself. Not all solutions go as far when it comes to restricting applications and making access to internal resources secure.  Use the trial period to ensure that you put in place a strategy which meets your requirements.

Manage lnventory

It’s a basic function which we expect from all MDM solutions, the difference depends on the access to information. Choose the solution where you find the information required (Smartphones connected to the network, battery, OS version …) and the one that provides the information in the most legible way.


Once you’ve found the solutions that meet your needs, choose an easy to deploy solution. Installing an agent on all your devices takes time, as well as configuring the solution. Choose the most practical and easiest solution, it will prove less costly over time.

Cloud or not ?

First check where your data will be stored. Your decision will depend on the capabilities of your infrastructure and your security requirements. Some MDM solutions are only available in Cloud, if this is the case then find out where data will be stored.


Not all MDM solutions have the same licencing conditions, pay attention to the different modules, to support packages and installation costs. Contact local partners to find out more on pricing packages.