Storage and backup of your systems and data

You want to set up an infrastructure to preserve your data
and systems and get quick access if needed?

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In the  service of
your data

We select and integrate the best software, hardware or cloud technologies to offer you a resilient infrastructure that is perfectly consistent with your business.

Data storage solution

Depending on your need in terms of volume, availability or service, our architects will propose the appropriate storage solutions:

  • Simple or replicated storage
  • NAS storage (CIFS and NFS)
  • SAN network
  • Multipathing or singlepathing traffic
  • Proactive storage monitoring

Data backup solution

Our mission is to design the most robust and durable backup solution while offering fast recovery in the event of an incident:

  • Multi-site backups and replication
  • Virtual or physical backups
  • Virtual machine replication in case of an incident
  • Proactive storage monitoring

Resumption of activity in the event of an incident

In the event of a disaster or major incident, we guarantee you a quick and structured restart of your activity thanks to a risk anticipation:

  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Disaster recovery plan (DRP)
  • PRA on Azure cloud
  • Upgrading the device according to the evolution of your infrastructure

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Our selection of technologies

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360° support

Our engineers ensure complete support of your needs for the preservation of your data and systems

  • Strategic Audit & Consulting
  • Design and integration of your storage and backup strategy
  • Project management
  • Documentation of disaster recovery processes
  • Change management
  • Maintenance and support

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