What if you adopt the agile approach? Our Lab opens with you the path to innovation and transformation.

Do you want to test technologies? Do you want to discover the ones we are apprehending for you?
Our innovation laboratory, Coda’Lab, provides you with the resources to imagine solutions for the future.

Technology and creativity

New technologies are always powerful and mysterious. Take part in their demystification and setting up through concrete and useful applications!

Experimental sandbox

Technologies can work miracles or fail! Come test them out for functional and technical testing before investing.

State of mind
and sharing

Every innovation is a feat! Implemented, it becomes change even transformation. To taste it, be part of a dynamics of watch and sharing.


An out-of-the-box environment to test and be creative

Where technology can play a positive role in the company’s digital transformation, Coda’Lab is investigating.

From software to devices and disruptive technologies, our team is curious: it explores, tests and imagines practical applications.

In this open-innovation approach, whether you entrust us with projects or you discover ours, you have an impact!


Our lab accompanies you

At Coda’lab, we test and explore the technological and computing solutions of the future to support companies in their transformation:

  • Design Thinking & Brainstorming Workshops
  • Exploration technologies as needed
  • Realisation of POC to test the solutions before setting up

You have an idea?
Coda’lab gives a breath of fresh air! 

Tell us about your project!

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